See, Contain, Report March 2023

See, Contain, Report March 2023

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have released a new edition of the See, Contain, Report Newsletter.

The March 2023 edition gives updates on :  

  • The Biosecurity Business Pledge
  • TFGEN and TFGEN Guidance Updates
  • Performance Based Verification (PBV) Update
  • Accredited Persons – Resetting of passwords for the container check portal
  • 100% Container Reporting
  • Expiry of a TF approval
  • TF Operating Manual and Internal Audits
  • Place of First Arrival (PoFA) updates
  • Places of First Arrival Standard (POFA-ALL) - Resources and Training
  • Know your Enemy: Velvetleaf

Read the March 2023  edition here: See, Contain, Report March 2023 

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